Who are we ?
We are three friends that own and operate www.pickup.is and our main goal is to offer a good and personal service, for fair price. We all have young kids and there for we know the importance of keeping our children save and that is why we fully understand the needs that parents who are traveling with kids have and we always do everything that we possible can to meet our passengers requirements.
Who is respnsible for Pickup.is ?

Responsible for the website is Pickup ehf, id number 660117-0830, address is Vallargata 30, 245 Sandgerði Iceland and you can contact us via email pickup@pickup.is or phone +3547601800. Pickup's VAT number is 127459 and the company is registered with directorate of internal revenue in Iceland.

The director of the company is Jón Arinbjörn Einarsson and you can contact him directly via email, jon@pickup.is

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